Watch a former Los Angeles legend make a young Fan’s day:

He will always be a Dodger Stadium fan favorite despite wearing an L.A. cap on his Cooperstown plaque.

A local favorite in St. Louis, Pujols, will have his hat displayed on his Hall of Fame plaque. A young Cardinals fan traveled to Chicago on Wednesday to see his club play the Cubs. The Cardinals lost 7-1, but the boy probably went home feeling reasonably good. 

He brought a sign with the words, “Can we trade jerseys, Albert? Cardinals, go!” 

Furthermore, that sign sure did pay off. Boy, oh boy.

Pujols notices the young man in the bleachers holding his placard as “Go, Cubs, Go” is playing in the background. Pujols makes eye contact, starts removing his jersey, and uses some other nonverbal cue to indicate that he is not interested in the boy’s Yadier Molina t-shirt as payment. He pulls his jersey and gives it to the child as Paul Goldschmidt, one of Albert’s teammates and the likely MVP, files out of the dugout behind him.

Such events turn people into lifelong baseball lovers. Look, I still tell folks about when I worked as a sandwich artist at Subway the summer after I graduated high school and prepared a sandwich for Nolan Ryan’s son.

This young man will probably relate the story of receiving his jersey from a future Hall of Famer to his grandchildren.

And he’ll have video proof, thanks to smartphones and the internet!

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