Many people are curious about the reasoning behind why Little League players use aluminum bats. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of using aluminum bats in Little League and why they’ve become the standard. 

5 Reasons: Why Use Aluminium Bats in Little League

Bat Weight

The lighter weight of aluminum bats is one of the main reasons Little League uses them. 

A bat can be as much as ten ounces lighter than a long bat according to the USA Baseball bat standard, USABat. The weight of a 33-inch bat can be 23 ounces. 

Because of this difference, baseball players can better control where the barrel of a bat goes with this difference in length versus weight.


Aluminum bats are not only lighter, but they are also easier to handle. As aluminum bats are hollow, their balance point is closer to their knob end than solid wood bats. 

If one bat has more weight towards the barrel end of the bat and the other has more weight towards the grip end, two bats that weigh the same in total will swing differently.

Economically Effective 

Parents’ budgets can often be squeezed by Little League competition. Thus, aluminum bats also play an important role from an economic perspective.

A wooden bat purchased from a store is usually cheaper than one made of aluminum. The quality and durability of these bats are no match for wooden bats used by professionals.

They can break even after a couple of hits, primarily if they are handled by kids who are not skilled.

As for aluminum bats, they are more durable, come with at least a one-year warranty, and usually last longer for kids.

Big Barrels 

In Little League, aluminum bats have bigger barrel diameters and sweet spots.

Due to aluminum bats’ bigger barrels, there is more surface area to strike the ball. Contact does not need to be precise for batted balls to exit velocities with a high percentage of hits. 

As a result, kids can make better contact with the ball and gain confidence at a young age.


Aluminum bats are also safer than wood bats in Little League. The breaking and splintering of wood bats can be dangerous for opposing pitchers, infielders, and coaches or spectators. 

In addition to being much more resilient than wood, aluminum bats usually break slower than wood bats. 


Can you use Wood bat in Little League?

Yes, of course. USABat approves solid, one-piece wood bats with or without the USA Baseball Certification Mark. For multi-piece and composite wood bats, USA Baseball Certification Marks are required.

Why does an Aluminum bat hit farther?

Aluminum bats are lighter than wooden bats, increasing swing speeds and allowing one to hit the ball farther. Also, aluminum bats have bigger barrels and a larger sweet spot, which is the area on the bat where you can hit the ball.

Why do MLB players use Wood bats instead of Aluminium? 

A wooden bat represents the origin of Major League Baseball, and the league tries very hard to maintain the integrity of the game as it was played 150 years ago.

MLB players’ second advantage is their uber-talent and the speed at which they swing their wooden bats. A player could swing an aluminum bat even faster, resulting in higher exit velocities and a greater danger to the players and pitchers on the field and to the fans in the stands.