Hanser Alberto Achieves a Historic feat Unheard of in More Than 50 Years.

After a 4-0 defeat on Monday, the Dodgers defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 10-1 in the second game of their three-game series. The Brewers are the Dodgers’ matchup, and they have struggled against them for the majority of their last six games, yet infielder Hanser Alberto of the Dodgers still managed to make history despite this.

The Dodgers got off to a solid start in the Tuesday night game, as we are accustomed to seeing them do against teams other than the Brewers.

The game was already out of hand by the conclusion of the eighth inning, so the Dodgers sent their secret weapon, Alberto, to the mound.

Alberto had been playing well, getting on base twice and even hitting a double, but what he accomplished on the mound necessitated his historic outing. 

Only the second player in MLB history to finish a game having done all three of those things was Alberto, who pitched a flawless inning to seal the victory.

By the end of the inning, you could tell that everyone was rooting for Alberto because of his support from people like Justin Turner and company. The Dodgers’ season-high victory over the Brewers was the icing on the cake, as they only allowed one earned run in the process.

With the season tied 3-3, Wednesday night’s game between the Dodgers and Brewers will be the final one of the regular season. The season series is in the Dodgers’ capable hands if they can maintain momentum.

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