Cashman ought to be fired only for that move.

Cashman ought to be fired only for that move.

Cashman ought to be fired only for that move. Are you f***ing kidding me? Were the Yankees involved in this? – After Jordan Montgomery’s recent success with the Cardinals, New York Yankees supporters hate the management.

No, Jordan Montgomery is not the only factor in the Yankees’ subpar baseball performance. However, he has some impact because the Yankees may use his arm in the rotation.

Even though the Yankees have won the last two games, they are still 5-14 since the trade deadline on August 2. Additionally, since the All-Star break, they have yet to win a series against any team.

They are starting to deteriorate for a squad that formerly held the greatest record in Major League Baseball. 

They presently lead the American League East by eight games, but this advantage will dwindle if they keep playing the way they do. For these last few weeks of the 2022 season, the New York Yankees need to turn things around.

The New York Yankees aren’t letting go of Brian Cashman. However, he might not return. He is in the last year of his deal with the squad, and given how the team has been performing, this might be his last game.

The franchise’s spokesperson for the longest time is Cashman. Cashman is the only person to have held control during this time, despite the fact that the name Steinbrenner has been associated with the team for longer.

A late-season collapse that could harm the Yankees’ playoff seed and result in an early elimination from the postseason could seal Cashman’s fate because questions had already begun to surface as the season began. Being a lame duck for him is strange enough. These three choices may have already cost Cashman his job, making it simpler for the Yankees and Cashman to split ways.

3. The Yankees’ entire trade deadline strategy is backfiring on them.

Pick any Yankees move made before the trade deadline that hasn’t gone well. The trade deadline appears to have been the turning moment for this baseball team, judging by the players they acquired and the ones they traded away.

Starting with what the Yankees have to offer The hitter Andrew Benintendi was earlier this year with the Kansas City Royals has not been the same one for them. Frankie Montas has only pitched 8 innings throughout his first two starts, and as a member of the team, he has a 9.00 ERA. Despite their success, Scott Effross and Lou Trivino weren’t intended to have the same impact as Benintendi and Montas.


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