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Brett Myers: Baseball, Country Music, Cold Beer & Yoga Pants

Once known as an unpredbrettmyers-redneckictable personality on and off the field, retired pitcher Brett Myers is currently writing and recording country music. Myers won’t commit to any intentions of making a second career of country music, but he also won’t commit that it’s out of the question.  No different from his baseball, Myers’ music is a reflection his personality.

Myers is a redneck, but he’s not an uneducated redneck. He also knows how to dial that down to effectively coach ten-year-old baseball. He knows exactly what he’s doing when he makes the awkward socially unacceptable comment that makes a small crowd tense in anticipation of the reaction of the first person who has the testicular fortitude to respond.  His self-proclaimed Kenny Powers-esk presence definitely isn’t an act, but a conscious decision he’s made for his own entertainment—and you can guess what Myers might suggest to anyone who doesn’t like it.

“Some people wBrett Myers Spliton’t like my music just because it’s me—some people will like it just because it’s me.”

…in the end it doesn’t matter to Myers because he doesn’t care.

Myers was the first round, 12th overall pick by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 1999 MLB Draft, and he made his MLB debut in 2002. He pitched for the Philadelphia Phillies, Houston Astros, Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Indians over the course of his 12-year career.  He won a World Series in 2008 and lost one in 2009.

Following the 2013 season, Brett Myers hung up his cleats and picked up his guitar.  Myers has laced his old-school country music album and singles with cold beer and the same redneck rebel swag he brought to the mound in 2008 when he and the Phillies took the World Series. He records with a friend and neighbor, Damien Starkey, who was best known as the front man for Puddle of Mudd.

For tBeercation Brett Myershe most part, he records fun music, the kind of fun music made for southern backyard bar-b-ques and drinking a cold beer on the lake. Beercation is his most downloaded song on iTunes and, as the title suggests, it is about a stay-cation with cold beer. Black Creek is reminiscent of any summer day you’ve had on the lake if you live south of the Mason-Dixon, much like Craig Morgan’s Redneck Yacht Club.

Chasing Tail and Yoga Pants:  Myers admits that before releasing these two, he questioned how the politically corYoga Pants1rect crowd might respond. To no surprise, he decided not to fake it, but to go ahead and just be himself.

“I hate to see them go, love to watch them leave ya know—God Bless the USA and Yoga Pants”Yoga Pants lyric

“They are all wearing them, everywhere you look. I mean c’mon, why do you think they do that—they want you to wonder what’s under there”, said Msaddle girlyers.

As intended, the songs are funny.

He has released a couple of softer, more serious single tracks. Saddle Girl is a duet with his daughter Kylie Myers, who outshines her daddy but doesn’t share his interest in making music. “She’s far more interested in her horses than singing, but she’s good,” said Myers.

NO PAIN NO GAIN is Brett Myers’ reflection on his baseball career. It’s great workout music, but this song is made to be walk-up music. It wasn’t written with that in mind, but when you hear it you will have no doubt!

Brett Meyers may never attain the same notoriety in music that he did on the mound, but he’s played the Jacksonville Sharks Arena Football Halftime show and he’s considering an attempt to work out something in Philadelphia, the town and team that raised him. He may not be the next Toby Keith, but Brett Myers is having fun making music that others are listening to and having fun with.

Brett Myers Music on iTunes

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by Chris Phillips  @HardballFarm   May 3, 2016

Chris Phillips is a certified MiLB media member who covers an array of topics primarily surrounding minor league baseball for 27OutsBaseball.com. Chris works on special assignments, occasionally makes guest appearances on 27 Outs Podcast, assists in booking guest appearances and he edits / publishes content to the 27 Outs Network of platforms.


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