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Arizona Diamondbacks Prospect Lawerence Pardo

by Chris Phillips    @HardballFarm

The Arizona Diamondbacks drafted Lawrence Pardo, of South Florida University, in the 2014 Major League Draft. At 23, Lawrence graduated in May and took the mound for the Diamondbacks’ affiliate club, the Missoula Osprey shortly afterward, in June.

During his interview with Host Frank Conti, on 27 Outs Podcast, if you listen closely you can hear the undertones in Lawrence Pardo’s comments. He’s not trying to stand out or impress anyone with eloquent speeches or words of faux motivational baseball wisdom. He’s just real.

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Left: Larry & Lawerence before Lawrence’s first organized game, 1994 RIght: Larry and Lawerence Pardo, 2014

Excerpt from 27 Outs Podcast Interview

Conti: When the off-season begins, how long is it before you start to miss it and you are ready to get back on the field?

Pardo: I wish it was on tomorrow. I miss spiking up and getting out on the field every day.

Later in the interview…

Conti: We talk to a lot of guys after their first year about the transition from college to pro ball. The season is longer, you throw every day, it’s a real toll on your arm. A lot of guys tell us that it’s a hard transition to make, did you have those problems, did you ever get shut down?

Pardo: It was a different experience going up to the field every day, but you can’t really call it work, I mean I can’t because I was just enjoying myself every day I stepped on the field. That didn’t really happen to me just because my dad brought me up to throw every day, to long toss every day so I was kinda used to it.


He answered our questions regarding his past and future aspirations with baseball in a “matter-of-fact” fashion. So casual they don’t stand out, Pardo made faint comments that allude to a natural work ethic, so deeply instilled it seems he doesn’t know he has it.

No doubt, Lawrence Pardo will face challenges and he will be forced to forge his own path, but his baseball success and comfort in this environment shouldn’t come as a surprise because pro baseball culture isn’t new to him. Larry Pardo, Lawrence’s father, was eight years into his professional baseball career when Lawrence was born. Larry, who was also a pitcher, has scouted and coached since his time playing the game. He currently coaches with the Diamondbacks organization.


Pardo 2I wonder who Larry was thinking of when he recently posted to social media:

“The name on the front of the jersey represents who you play for. The name on the jersey represents who raised you. Do them both justice.”

Lawrence’s approach to our interview was consistent with his approach on the bump; professional and collect, all while having a good time. Lawrence pitched 20.2 innings in 18 games as a reliever. He struck out 23 of the batters he faced and they collectively gathered a .187 batting average against him.

Conti: Tell me about the one batter on your team who you wouldn’t want to face with the bases loaded.

Pardo: That’s tough… really I would want to face anybody in a situation like that.

No fear; no hesitation.

We look forward to seeing Lawrence develop in the 2015 Minor League Baseball season and to seeing what his future holds.

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